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General Questions

  • BonusDrive is an automotive incentive program offered through exclusive partners on qualifying Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT®, Jeep® and Ram vehicles. Eligible participants are encouraged to shop our participating automotive brands, which carry an additional discount amount, above and beyond what is available through a dealership.

    After the purchase or lease of an eligible vehicle from one of these manufacturers, the consumer (eligible from a participating organization) completes an application through BonusDrive. After eligibility is verified, a check is mailed directly to the consumer from BonusDrive within 8-10 weeks.

    The incentives are funded by the auto manufacturers and incentive check will be sent directly to the consumer from BonusDrive.

  • There is no fee for customers to use BonusDrive.

  • Customers have 60 days after the purchase or lease date to apply for their cash back from the manufacturer.

  • Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT® , Jeep® , Ram, and Volvo vehicles.

  • Amounts vary from $250-$500. Amounts of cash back are subject to change based on participating auto manufacturers’ program rules. Please see https://aaa.bonusdrive.com/Vehicles for current offers.

  • No. BonusDrive program is an incentive outside of the dealer transaction, meaning it is in addition to whatever discount you negotiate with your dealer.

    Eligible consumers complete the BonusDrive application after purchasing or leasing a qualified vehicle.

  • BonusDrive cash back comes in the form of a check, which is shipped directly to the address you list on your application.

Eligibility Questions

  • BonusDrive is available to members of participating organizations and common household residents of members of those organizations.

    These organizations include certain: credit unions, banks, employers, insurance companies, benefit providers, associations, and membership groups.

    To check eligibility, please refer to the “Am I Eligible” section of the website.

  • Family members who live in the household of the person(s) affiliated with the eligible organization can use BonusDrive.

  • When members of the household apply, the application must be completed in the name of person who bought or leased vehicle.

    Family members of eligible individuals must reside at the same address and complete the application with that information.

    Example: Your spouse buys an eligible vehicle and is going to apply for BonusDrive because he or she is eligible via your employment at XYZ company. He or she needs to complete the application in his or her name, at the same address, but submit your proof of eligibility.

  • As long as he/she resides at the same address and this is listed on the application.

  • There are no restrictions to vehicles sold by dealers of listed automotive brands within the 50 US states and the District of Columbia. Purchases in US territories or foreign countries are not eligible.

  • Yes, the vehicle must be designated as “new” on the purchase or lease agreement. Any vehicle previously sold (including dealer to dealer sales), registered, titled, or with more than 1,000 miles at time of purchase is not eligible.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Eligibility

  • Please Shop Our Brands and view current offers here

  • Participation in BonusDrive when purchasing an FCA branded vehicle (Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT®, Jeep®, Ram,) requires a “conquest sale”.

    For purposes of this program, a “conquest sale” is defined as:

    The purchase of a brand new FCA vehicle where by a competitive brand vehicle (non-FCA brand) is replaced


    In cases where an FCA branded vehicle is traded-in to purchase a new FCA branded vehicle, the BonusDrive applicant can also demonstrate ownership of at least one non-FCA branded vehicle in their household.

  • Example 1: An applicant currently owns a Ford Explorer and trades the vehicle in and buys a new Jeep Wrangler. Ford is a competing manufacturer so this qualifies as a conquest buyer.

    Example 2: An applicant trades in her Chrysler 200 and leases a new Dodge Challenger. Although the applicant traded in a FCA vehicle for another FCA vehicle, the applicant still qualifies because her husband owns a Nissan Rouge. Since the household owns a non-FCA vehicle she is eligible.

    Example 3: An applicant’s lease expires on their 2015 Ram 1500 and they lease a new Ram 1500. Although the applicant traded a Ram for a Ram, the applicant also owns a 2017 Honda Accord, so the applicant will qualify as a conquest buyer because she owns a competing manufacturer’s brand.

  • Example: An applicant owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee, her daughter turns 16 and she decides to lease her a Jeep Renegade.

    Because the applicant only owns/leases FCA vehicles the applicant will not qualify as a conquest buyer.

  • The BonusDrive application will provide a detailed list of acceptable documentation and instructions on how to upload it by either attaching a photo or a photocopy. Examples of documentation:

    Title for non FCA vehicle

    Registration card

    Insurance card or policy

    Trade in documentation such as the bill of sale

Application/Status Questions

  • Please contact our customer service center by email at INFO@bonusdrive.com or Phone 888-98-BONUS (26687).

  • BonusDrive customer service center is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm ET.

  • Your data security is important to us and information is highly maintained in a system with several layers of security protocols and supported with 24/7 monitoring. Access is limited to authorized individuals only.

    Applicant data is not provided to any third party not associated with the BonusDrive program and is not sold to any other third party for any purpose.

  • No. Please finish your application in one sitting to avoid losing your place within the application.

  • If you are unable to submit an online application, you can do so by mail.

    All mailed in applications must be shipped through UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority Mail with verifiable tracking information. Applicants must retain tracking information to validate date of entry along with a copy of the documentation that was submitted.

  • A VIN # is your car’s Vehicle Identification Number. The VIN # acts as a specific identifier for a car and is composed of 17 characters (digits and capital letters). All cars have a VIN #.

    The VIN s commonly found on the metal plate on the driver’s side interior dashboard and on the certification on the drivers-side door jamb. You can also find it on forms such as your bill of sale, registration card, and/or vehicle permit.

  • Additional documents may be required to verify applications where the information submitted does not match auto manufacturer’s records.

  • After your application, you will receive an email confirmation from BonusDrive. You will receive further updates by email from the customer service center. After receiving your approval email, the check will arrive to your address in 8-10 weeks.

  • Please look-out for email updates from BonusDrive customer service center. Note these emails may be held by spam filters, so check your junk inbox.

    You may contact the service center if you have any issues.

  • Once the application is verified/approved by BonusDrive, the customer will receive a check from BonusDrive within approximately 8-10 weeks.

  • No.

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  • Please contact our customer service center by email at INFO@bonusdrive.com or Phone 888-98-BONUS (26687) so we can rectify any issues.

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